build and protect wealth with passion, strength and integrity


About Sovereign

Whitney Hammond has been in personal practice since 1997. She desired to own and operate her own private wealth firm and launched Sovereign Wealth Management in 2004. Working closely with clients’ accounting, tax and legal advisors, Whitney helps clients understand and select will planning, testamentary trusts, tax deferral and asset accumulation strategies. Her expertise with wealth and risk management focuses on client’s goals and values allowing Whitney to build high levels of trust and establish multi-generational relationships.


As a firm, Sovereign values the client first and foremost, which signifies that confidentiality, security, stewardship and knowledge are at the core of Sovereign’s philosophy. We endeavor to remain positive and proactive throughout our client relationships, while building and protecting wealth with passion, strength and integrity. 



Sovereign Wealth Management creates financial security by helping people define and reach their goals.

We want to hear your ideas, dreams and goals, and work to make them a reality.

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